‘Hemelsleutel’ (Keys to Heaven) 2013


1F532DF1-297C-4D2B-8076-313B8A1D7D68Detail ‘Untitled’ Sweet Pea Matucana 2018


FLow of Life, painting by Endellion Lycett Green‘Flow of Life’ 2013


F4BB138B-28E4-4C99-AEC9-58092771D1F5‘And I danced with You’ Sweet Pea Matucana 2017


1CF51EE8-1369-4015-96D5-B1CF4AA0E7CB‘Untitled’ (Hydrangea)


Truth and Light, painting by Endellion Lycett-Green, artist‘Untitled’ (Lily of the Valley)




63BC2590-B3B9-4E10-A495-06E2B216A6C3‘Cornflower II’


6D27B3C1-2A48-4A1F-8644-345534EE7EA2‘Wild Garlic and a Bluebell’


8A4F5520-EB03-41F8-80F3-70071D0F2D2C‘Peace III’


528CB867-E641-4640-BE62-C1404C6A7977‘Three in One’  (Hellebore and Phormium)


Between the Viaducrts of Your Dream_Endellion Lycett-Green_2017‘Between the Viaducts of Your Dream’ (Hosta)


Renewal_WildGarlic_Painting_EndellionLycettGreen-14‘Wild Garlic in Flower’


150CE0DD-82F6-497A-98B0-66E49E702088‘Eryngiums, Ferns and Perovskia’


E8F20D04-A44A-4819-8A25-22034318A153‘Eryngiums and Reeds’


839C0367-37A8-477C-AF8E-4662F6BFCC46Eryngium Study (Sea Holly)

All images © Endellion Lycett Green / Bridgeman Images 

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