‘Mother and Child’ 2015 (3ft x4ft) oils, sand, charcoal & gold leaf on linen with ‘Red’ 2015 and ‘untitled’ which was finished in 2017


E8FE449A-34C4-4713-8DCE-324D1BD399D7.jpeg‘Untitled (blue)’   2018        (2ft x 3ft) oils, charcoal & gold leaf on linen



Abstract art provides an arena in which I can explore. I can be at total release from the need to make a comprehendible, objective reality for the viewer. Instead I can flick sand, I can use my hands, I can immerse myself in the colour field. I can raise the colour in order to pull marks out of the uniformity. I can crush charcoal into the surface. I can place gold-leaf randomly. The composition is active : moving. Exhilaration, energy, urgency inform every canvas.

In the medium of high pigment oils, with Cornish sand, charcoal and gold leaf, I make work in the moment. It comes from my psyche. The work speaks about colour, about the pulse of being alive, and about freedom..

I am able to interweave this work with painting plants, they act out their existence as complimentary. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to do both.



‘Moving’  2018  (3ft x 4ft) oil, charcoal, sand & gold leaf on linen


‘Move II (red)’ 2018 (3ft x 4ft) oil, sand, charcoal & gold leaf on linen



Detail ‘untitled (blue)’ Work in Progress  2018    Oils, charcoal & gold leaf on linen

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