‘Mother and Child’ 2015 (3ft x4ft) oils, sand, charcoal & gold leaf on linen with ‘Red’ 2015 and ‘untitled’ which was finished in 2017

All at Singulart


E8FE449A-34C4-4713-8DCE-324D1BD399D7.jpeg‘Untitled (blue)’   2018        (2ft x 3ft) oils, charcoal & gold leaf on linen



Here I can explore the pictorial space in a markedly different way to my plant paintings. While the concerns of any painter are always the same, about balance, cohesion, colour and compositional dynamics, the active practice of pure abstraction is the polar opposite to my figurative work. A demanding and rigorous process, and verging on action painting, the experience is one of energy, rapid decision making and urgency. The surface textural properties are a constant concern, as is the recalibration of marks, brush strokes and subtractions.

I am able to interweave this work with painting plants, they act out their existence as complimentary. Doing both means working cyclically and in a nonlinear manner.



‘Moving’  2018  (3ft x 4ft) oil, charcoal, sand & gold leaf on linen


‘Move II (red)’ 2018 (3ft x 4ft) oil, sand, charcoal & gold leaf on linen



Detail ‘untitled (blue)’ Work in Progress  2018    Oils, charcoal & gold leaf on linen

All images © Endellion Lycett Green / Bridgeman Images

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